The Jaguars posted a tweet about being undefeated (1-0) back in Sept, & the internet is having some fun with it.

(Written by Kobe)

Back in 2010-2013 I lived in Jacksonville Florida and let me tell you, there is no way to describe how how much nobody cared about this team. Literally the station I worked at would give away 4 packs of tickets to the Jags, with a 3 hour all you can eat and DRINK tail gate party, and still……no one would pick them up.

The team couldn’t even sell out their home opener! If you’re a Bills fan, imagine not having a team sell out their home opener!

So if there is a story about someone (or all of twitter) dunking on the Jaguars, I am all about it.

The Jags finished 1-15 this year, and their first win was back in week one, when they were…..uh “undefeated” technically. After their first win they tweeted this.


What team would flex on being 1-0, oh yeah, the Jags. Back to the part where they lost THEIR NEXT 15 GAMES!  

The internet never forgets, and never loses. The trolls went back and found this post from the Jags and they did what they do, and I love it.

The Jags will have the #1 pick at the upcoming NFL Draft, and take Trevor Lawrence with that pick, don’t worry they’ll F it up, it’s Jacksonville.