The Impossible Question


Friday 4/2

Q: More than 25% of Women say this one thing can make someone completely uneatable, what is it?

A: Their first name.


Thursday 4/1

Q: 20% of us keep one of these in our glove compartment, what is it?

A: A tube of toothpaste.


Wednesday 3/31

Q: 1 in 8 Women in Rochester get annoyed when they meet another Woman with this. What is it?

A: The same name


Tuesday 3/30

Q: 17% of adults in Rochester use these during “Sexy Time” because they say it makes it more intimate. What is it?

A: Airpods


Monday 3/29

Q: This is one of the most popular souvenirs people visiting the U.S. from Europe bring back. What is it?

A: A Red Solo Cup


Friday 3/26

Q; 13% of passengers say this is the most annoying thing the person driving can do. What is it?

A: Steer with their knee.


Thursday 3/25

Q:  52% of people in Rochester have done this twice this week already. What is it?

A: Drink an energy drink.


Wednesday 3/24

Q: 23% of people in Rochester do this while they’re at work even though it could get them fired. What is it?

A: Drink/ drugs


Tuesday 3/23

Q: Usually only 35% of people get these, when they do they get rid of them. What is it?

A: Wisdom Teeth


Monday 3/22

Q: 1 in 4 Millennial Women in Rochester don’t do this anymore, and the answer may shock men.  What is it?

A: Shave their armpits.


Friday 3/19

Q: 25% of men in Rochester get tired after 26 minutes of this, what is it?

A: Shopping.



Thursday 3/18

Q: There are currently only 76 of these in America. What is it?

A: Colleges with “Eagles” in their nickname.



Wednesday 3/17

Q: 37% of people in America have never seen one of these. What is it?

A: A Star Wars movie.



Tuesday 3/16

Q: 17% of people in ROC say they don’t get enough of this, what is it?

A: Time with their pets.


Monday 3/15

Q: 15% of people looking for a new job, are looking because of this. What is it?

A: Their current job won’t allow them to use their cell phone.


Friday 3/12

Q: In Rochester this is the #1 thing adults are giving up for lent. What is it?

A: Social Media


Thursday 3/11

Q: 25% of Women in ROC would pay their partner for this. What is it?

A: A foot rub


Wednesday 3/10

Q:  58% of newlyweds say this was #1 thing on their bridal registry. What is it?

A: A Roomba



Tuesday 3/9

Q: 86% of people under 25 have never used one of these, but most of their parents have. What is it?

A: A letter opener.


Monday 3/8

Q: The average American spends $160 on this every year, and it’s usually a waste. What is it?

A: Diets


Friday 3/5

Q: If you do this at all, you’re most likely to do it at 7pm on a Wednesday. What is it?

A: Have a glass of wine.


Thursday 3/4

Q: 25% of men are jealous of one of their friends over this, what is it?

A: They’re a beer connoisseur


Wednesday 3/3

Q: 20% of us do this while on vacation. What is it?

A: Buy a souvenir for their pet.


Tuesday 3/2

Q: 72% of us did this growing up. Only 42% still do this, what is it?

A: Eat dinner at the dinner table.


Monday 3/1

Q: A recent poll finds that this is the #1 “Little Pleasure” most Rochesterians look forward to at the end of the day. What is it?

A: Glass of wine


Friday 2/26 

Q: 40% of households in Rochester say this is the #1 thing their family argues about. What is it?

A: Internet usage


Thursday 2/25

Q: Almost 70% of singles in Rochester say this is the biggest fashion mistake you can make on a date. What is it?

A: Wear wrinkled clothes.


Wednesday 2/24

Q:  71% of Women in Rochester have caught their significant other doing this. What is it?

A: Scratching themselves with a kitchen utensil.


Tuesday 2/23

Q: If you’re single in Rochester and have this in your online dating profile, you’re more than three times likely to get passed over. What is it?

A: An emoji


Monday 2/22

Q: 47% of people who want this, never even use it when they get it. What is it?

A: A Gift card